Sludge Systems

In recent years Cleeve have become increasingly involved in the handling, storage and processing of Sludge Cake, primarily in waste water treatment but also in the paper, and food industries.

Contracts have varied in size, from small systems which transfer sludge cake from centrifuges to skips or stockpile, using shaftless spirals running in a replaceable synthetic trough liner, to complete plants for the Lime Stabilisation and Chemical Treatment of de-watered sludge cake, where storage silos, dischargers, belt conveyors, ploughshare mixers, additive feeders etc, are provided. This type of contract normally include the complete supply, installation and commissioning.

In addition systems have been supplied for the storage and discharging to road vehicles of dried sewage sludge granules. These systems use our own supply Bin Activators and Bulk Loading Chutes having automatic raising facilities when feeding open back vehicles.

Screw Conveyors and feeders are provided for the gentle handling of sludge granules to minimise degradation. Frequently these machines are designed to eliminate the necessity for intermediate bearings, and are supplied in mild steel and stainless steel construction.

Screws Conveyors with water cooled jackets and centre tubes are also supplied to cool sludge granules following the drying process prior to storage.


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