Loading Spouts

Loading Bellows are suitable for handling dry products in powder or granular form.

Different models for loading of open trucks and tankers are available.

If a standard type of loading bellows is not the ideal solution a specially adapted version to meet particular requirements can be offered.

There are two main categories of loading bellows: bellows for open loading and bellows for closed loading (with the possibility of combining the two types) Each type can be supplied with the following accessories:

  • Dust extractor connection on the upper head for dust-generating materials.
  • Double-walled bellows for soft and floury materials, for improved dust extraction without interfering with the flow of the material.
  • Metal inner cones for use with granular and abrasive products such as sand, granular feed products minerals, coal and stone chippings.
  • Electrical-mechanical pulley for automatic lifting.
  • Maximum and minimum safety levels.
  • Slack cable contact.
  • A range of different types of level detector (all of which are fitted in a safety cone).
  • Built-in dust extraction which sends the extracted dust back down to the material being loaded; this system, which avoids leakages and clogging-up pipes, is the most widely used filter system.
  • The loading bellows are widely used in all industries; the avaliable versions are made from mild steel, stainless steel aluminium, or with special coatings.

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