Screw Conveyors and Bin Dischargers

Cleeve Materials Handling provide a wide range of Screw Conveyors and Bin Dischargers in sizes and materials to meet client’s specific requirements.

Each machine is designed to ensure suitability for its intended use, based on the Bulk Density, Capacity, Temperature, Flow characteristics, and Abrasiveness of the material to be handled. Design standards are BS 4409 and CEMA.

The range of Screw Conveyors includes ‘U’ trough and tubular machines, with Bin Dischargers having single and multiple worm assemblies. Also included are shaftless screw conveyors with replaceable synthetic trough liners for damp and sticky materials such as sludge cake etc.

In addition screws are designed for cooling and heating applications with water cooled machines having been supplied to handle furnace ash up to 900ºC.

Continuous mixing and conditioning of powders is achieved using single or twin paddle bladed machines. A common application for this type of unit being the conditioning of Flyash with water to minimise the emission of dust during disposal.

Materials of construction are mild steel, grades of stainless steel and special wear resistant steels with coatings as required to suit the material being handled.

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