Waste To Energy

Waste To Energy

Incineration, power generation and Waste to Energy [sometimes referred to as Energy from Waste EfW] systems all generate combustion gasses which contain various dangerous particulates which need to be controlled to minimise pollution, such as SOH, heavy metals and Dioxins. Modern combustion systems are designed to minimise these by design but are not 100% emission free, which is where reagent dosing systems are utilised to provide pre-treatment of the gas stream before it enters the filter system.

CMH provide these FGT systems in differing configurations depending on the capacity of the systems and the redundancy levels required. Typically, a metered quantity of reagent [either Hydrated Lime, PAC or Bicarb] is continuously conveyed pneumatically into the gas steam. Systems vary in capacity from 30>50kg/ hr of Lime for simple S02 abatement to multiple 600kg/hr systems, with multiple redundancy for major WtE projects; they also vary in sophistication from loss-in-weight dosing to a simpler volumetric format but are essentially the same typically supplied as an assembled skid for ease of installation.

All types of reagents can be accommodated and systems are tailored to suit the application if a standard assembly does not fit the requirement.

Lime is conveyed to the gas stream using a lean phase blowing system whereas PAC is blown using an Eductor due to the fact that PAC tends to be a minor ingredient typically 2>5kg/hr. Pac is also available as a LIW or as a volumetric package and configured for ATEX.

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