Rubber Handling

Rubber Handling

Cleeve have undertaken a number of contracts for tyre manufacturers which include handling shredded type crumb, virgin crumb and sheet rubber, mainly for Watts Industrial Tyres.

Watts had an existing tyre shredder with a blowing system from the shredder station to the factory. CMH supplied a diverter into the conveying line to feed a dust coating drum and hence into big bags, the crumb was coated in talc dust to ensure a discrete product, uncoated crumb within the big bag reverts to a solid condition. The big bags are weighed using a platform scale and subsequently blended into virgin rubber crumb for reprocessing.

Subsequently Cleeve supplied and installed a tote tipping station for a new extrusion line constructed for solid tyres. The tote tipper fed into a vibratory feeder with variable frequency drive; a signal from the extruder PLC determined conveying rate and an ultrasonic level probe above the feeder provides a signal for hopper refilling.

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