As part of the Neath Port Talbot Recycling centre project, CMH successfully bid for the Secondary waste processing plant sorting Commercial and Civic waste into re-usable streams.

The system comprises an apron plate feeder, loaded at ground level with a bucket machine, a Star screen for primary sorting of the heavy items and a picking belt conveyor with chutes feeding through the platform and into skips. Each station on the belt conveyor is designated for a particular type of recyclable product; the Star screen sorts out the heavy items, bricks, soil etc. and an overband magnet is used to collect ferrous materials at the last position. Materials left on the belt are discharged into the final skip which is the only material sent to landfill.

The picking belt is on a support frame above the skips and enclosed by a GRP building; all of the above is installed within the main reception hall building and there is a roller shutter door at each skip position ensuring that the whole process area is contained.

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