Gypsum Plasterboard

Gypsum Plasterboard

Since the expansion of the plasterboard production facility at Avonmouth, CMH have been involved in numerous projects at both ends of production, handling Gypsum and micro ingredients and supplying bespoke machinery for finished board handling.

Completed in 2012, CMH provided a wood fibre storage and feed system for use with a low volume board specifically designed for hard wearing areas. A 200m3 flat bottom silo with a planetary silo discharge screw form the storage element and a low pressure blowing system is used to feed a buffer bin installed close to the blending station. The wood fibre, actually a milled consistent timber product ranging in size from 1.5>2.5mm, is volumetrically fed into the blending stream after the Stucco weigher and prior to the micro ingredients. The buffer system comprises a hopper, vent filter, level probes, bin activator for hopper discharge, an AC inverter driven rotary valve and a cantilevered feed screw.

Completed in 2014, an apron belt type truck unloading station was supplied for a Don Valley contract handling synthetic Gypsum, a power station generated by-product being used as a Gypsum substitute in some industries.

Gypsum is deposited in the bunker section and then discharged into the store at between 300 and 400tph allowing for rapid turnaround of vehicles. The feeder comprises an intake section with bunker walls and an inclined storage and conveying section which feeds onto a belt conveyor. Feed is regulated initially by an internal gate and then trimmed via an AC inverter based on information supplied by a belt scale on the transfer belt conveyor.

This contract represents the benefits to both Cleeve and Don Valley Engineering as the machine was designed, manufactured all bought out components sourced by Cleeve with the assembly of the machine undertaken by Don Valley in the workshops in Doncaster prior to delivery for installation by Don Valley Construction.

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