As the technology has moved on for extraction of energy from biomass products, a whole new series of processes are being developed to generate combustible gasses, derived from the biomass, which are used as fuels in a combustion process which in turn drive generators hence creating power. These vary in size between major power station projects to smaller localised power generation systems and are currently in the forefront of biomass usage.

Recently, CMH completed the delivery a series of conveyors for use in one such small Gasifier project which is now in the commissioning phase using a dried C50 material. Supply includes the feed regulating bin which has negative angled walls and a multi ribbon discharger, carbon steel regulating feed screw, Gasifier feed screw of open ended cantilever design fabricated in 310st/st and 3 off 304st/st Char cooling screws to reduce the temperature from 600degC to sub 90degC using a water/Glycol coolant mix. The Char is used in a briquetting plant or diverted to big bags.

The cooling screws are a proven design and have been used successfully to dry treated sewage sludge, prior to pelleting for fuel.

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