Bin Activators

The Bin Activator is an essential piece of equipment for silos and hoppers, ensuring continuous and trouble free discharge.

The Bin Activator offers the following advantages

  • Promotes ‘Mass Flow’ first in, first out principle.
  • Prevents rat-holing, bridging and flushing of stored product.
  • Minimises segregation and degradation of product.
  • Conditions materials achieving a consistent bulk density for metering, weighing etc.
  • Saving in vertical space.
  • Easily fitted to new or existing silos or hoppers.
  • Completely dust tight in operation.
  • Low noise levels.

Operating Principles

One of the operating principles of the ISERCOTM Bin Activator is its dynamic action to the stored product. The conical baffle is vibrated together with the main body with which it forms an integral part. The baffle absorbs the static and dynamic loads of the stored product and prevents the outlet from being under pressure and bridging. The baffle transmits vibration to the product, breaking the forces of cohesion which bond the particles together, and also limits the silo outlet diameter, the annulus through which the product is discharged from the silo.

Extremely high throughputs are achieved with an internal vent pipe.

Following on from the CLASSIQUE, MONOBLOC and FARIFLUID series, the CAO SERIES is the latest development in the ISERCOTM BIN ACTIVATOR range.

Development of the latest series has made extensive use of industrial computers in perfecting its design.

Computer aided testing accurately pinpoints mechanical, static and dynamic stresses. The geometry of the SERIES CAO 96 Bin Activators ensures a stronger, yet lighter machine and gives even better performance, thus overcoming the potential problems of fatigue which are encountered on some designs of Bin Activators.

The ISERCOTM Bin Activators are formed by spinning. This process applies to plates of up to 20mm thickness and between 600mm to 3,500mm in diameter.

ISERCOTM uses this type of forming for stainless steel as well as for mild steel.

The standard finish of the ISERCOTM Bin Activators in mild steel construction, is internal and external shot blasting to S.A. 2.5 and application of polyurethane paint (used in the food industry). RAL 9010

Units manufactured in stainless steel are bead blasted


Vibratory Motors
To compliment the Bin Activator, ISERCO has selected its vibratory motors from Europe’s leading manufacturer.

The vibratory motors range in size from 0.15kW – 2.9kW depending of the size of machine supplied, Larger machines are fitted with 2 motors to ensure that equal vibration is distributed around the cone and baffle.

The weights can be set to increase or decrease the amount of vibration required.

Standard Motors are 380/440 Volts / 3 Phase / 50 Hz IP65 but special application can be catered for, e.g. Anti Condensation Heater, Termistors, Flameproof enclosures etc.

‘U’ Type Connection Sleeve
ISERCOTM is the only European manufacturer that equips its Bin Activator as standard with a flexible sealing sleeve which is clamped between flanges.

Suspension Mounts
The ISERCOTM suspension mount is specially manufactured to a design which guarantees resistance to dynamic and static charges. All metal parts are zinc plated

Assembly, Packing and Installation
Standard ISERCOTM Bin Activators are delivered, on a pallet shrink wrapped in plastic film, ready for you to assembled on site.

Looking for a Quotation ?
We require the following Information to enable us to specify the correct size Bin Activator:

  • Product to be handled
  • Bulk density (kg/m3)
  • Hopper / silo capaicity
  • Hopper / silo diameter and height
  • Thoughput required (T.P.H.)
  • Particle size
  • Outlet cone angle (to be not less than 60 degrees)
  • Mild steel or Stainless steel construction
  • Any other information (special paint, special motors e.g. 415V 3ph 60Hz)


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